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Brief overview of the product or service the Company offers.

Betterview provides property insight and workflow tools to improve the customer experience by accelerating decisions and improving risk at every point of the P&C insurance lifecycle.

Overview of how the product solution enables Resiliency, as defined by reducing frequency and severity of incidences and helping people, businesses and communities prepare for and manage risks, as well as get back to a restored state.

We recently completed a project for a company that works with homeowners and business owners to protect their buildings against hurricanes, hail storms, low-level tornadoes and severe thunderstorms. This program not only helps to mitigate risk for communities, but it also helps them to get better insurance rates. This company used our predictive analytics to identify and send mailers to high-risk homes and businesses. If someone was interested in retrofitting their home or business, they worked with an evaluator to ensure the homeowner or business owner achieved the desired level of disaster protection they were looking for. With approximately 40% of all claims roof related, this is a great example of using our technology to take a proactive approach to risk mitigation.


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