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Brief overview of the product or service the Company offers.

At Climformatics our mission is to predict future climate to drive better business decisions at any customized location for any future time scale (from seasons to several years ahead). We are building a robust climate prediction tool/product that is critically important to plan proactive risk mitigation solution for gradual and unforeseen catastrophic climate changes. We offer consulting service for customized climate modeling, simulation and impact assessment through predictive analytics.

Overview of how the product solution enables Resiliency, as defined by reducing frequency and severity of incidences and helping people, businesses and communities prepare for and manage risks, as well as get back to a restored state.

'Forewarned is forearmed'. Climformatics solution intrinsically reduces risks and drives resiliency. Climate catastrophe events like wildfires, floods, severe storms, droughts cause extensive damages across businesses resulting in large scale loss payouts for insurance companies. Climformatics solutions can forecast such events at any location long before it is imminent. This lead time can be used to adopt risk mitigation technologies, harden homes and businesses, buy additional insurance coverage etc that can reduce/mitigate the risk. Insurance industries can incentivize such measures and drive resilience. Furthermore, Climformatics solution can be used to provide innovative predictive catastrophe risk models for perils like severe storm, wildfire, extreme heat, drought and flood, which can then be used to address umbrella of risks across various industry verticals. Such a platform enables a Paradigm shift that technologically scales well with the future of insurance innovations.


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