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Geospatial Intelligence Center

Brief overview of the product or service the Company offers.

The Geospatial Intelligence Center’s (GIC) cloud-based, Imagery-as-a-Service, delivers cost-effective high-resolution aerial imagery to all member insurers. Frequent collections of entire metropolitan areas plus coast-to-coast coverage creates an image library of historical property data. When a natural disaster occurs, post-disaster imagery is collected and published within 24-36 hours following major catastrophic events to give insurers a true before and after view of impacted areas.

Overview of how the product solution enables Resiliency, as defined by reducing frequency and severity of incidences and helping people, businesses and communities prepare for and manage risks, as well as get back to a restored state.

Rapid access to high-resolution, post-disaster imagery gives insurers a new degree of insight to help people become more resilient in the wake of a disaster. Having a large-scale bird’s-eye view after an event helps identify which homes were damaged and where to deploy operational resources thus increasing the speed to which homeowners and communities can recover.

With this technology, insurers are equipped with the new capability of being able to reach out to those affected prior to a customer filing a claim, ultimately changing the customer experience from reactive to proactive. The visualization of damage helps insurers better understand customer claims. This leads to improved payment efficiencies and peace of mind for evacuated families.

The imagery isn’t just a visual representation of the event. It’s a source of data that’s imported into geographic information systems and combined with AI and customer data to create location intelligence like never before.


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