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Brief overview of the product or service the Company offers.

At Halos, we are building loss-preventive products for consumers to avoid accidents, mitigate damages, and get better prepared before a disaster strikes. Our first product, Dobby, is a robo-manager for home maintenance. With the Dobby app, homeowners submit a maintenance request in less than 60 sec, and we send a 5-star, fully vetted handyman in 24 hours. Using AI and climate data, Dobby sends early warnings and nudges to homeowners ('Freezing temperature, keep your heater on').

Overview of how the product solution enables Resiliency, as defined by reducing frequency and severity of incidences and helping people, businesses and communities prepare for and manage risks, as well as get back to a restored state.

We designed the solution by solving immediate pain points for homeowners directly related to loss-prevention while using positive behavioral nudges to move them towards full coverage and resilience.

Below - solution and utility mapping:

1. zero-touch, automated home maintenance (initiated by homeowner):
Make it easy to take quick action before something becomes big
(reduces severity, may reduce frequency in some cases)

2. annual preventive maintenance (PM) check:
Proactive walk-and-talk with homeowners to list early indications. Think healthcare and PCP visit.
(reduces frequency, may reduce severity)

3. inventory feature:
help recover most from insurance after a damages/ total loss
(build resilience)

4. home restoration service post-accident: connect homeowners with our restoration partners (build resilience)

5. "ask-us-anything" feature
insurance coverage and literacy, home maintenance literacy and tele-help (build resilience)


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