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Brief overview of the product or service the Company offers.

Make insurance a commodity-like purchase, by making it accessible, relevant and affordable for the masses. This can be done by creating innovative micro-insurance products that can be sold along with any primary sell by a merchant through any point-of-sale system, whether touch or tech. We have a bicycle, backpack, eyewear, mosquito and commuter insurance being sold through various stores and merchants, where the issuance is instant and claims are digitized and semi-automated.

Overview of how the product solution enables Resiliency, as defined by reducing frequency and severity of incidences and helping people, businesses and communities prepare for and manage risks, as well as get back to a restored state.

Indians buy about $10 worth of general insurance per person per year compared to over $100 in China or Brazil. The main reasons are one-size-fits-all products, paper-heavy claims processes and lack of distribution networks outside big cities. Biggest risks for a majority of Indian middle class are cycles, mobile phones, health expenditures on seasonal infections and accidents. These are typically not covered by comprehensive products that are available. In under $30 dollars a year, we can cover all these for a typical lower-middle-class family. Saving at least $300 over the year. With our paperless claims and using existing merchant network to levarage existing trust, we hope to increase penetration of insurance significantly across all bands.


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